Trust your Tag Heuer repair provider

Swiss crafted timepieces are designed and built with a high level of craftsmanship. Make sure your timepiece is in good hands for repair or service. High Grade Watch, Inc. is an excellent place to have your Tag Heuer serviced and battery replacement performed, because we are accustomed to handling Luxury brands. We have the tools and experience to change your battery or perform any other tag heuer watch repair  Dallas, Southlake, Frisco,Allen,Plano,Mckinney necessary. Bring your timepiece to the experts.




Tag Heuer watches have been used by some of the most iconic figures of modern history. Astronaut John Glenn carried a Tag Heuer stopwatch into space on the first manned space flight on board the Mercury-Atlas 6. Steve McQueen wore a Tag in ‘Le Mans’ making it one of the most recognizable watches in history. The style and quality of Swiss-Made Tag Heuer watches has been around since 1860 and has a history of innovation.