The name Rolex has been linked to quality for over one hundred years. Rolex watches have been to the top of Mount Everest, and Rolex designed the first waterproof watch ever made. With a history of this caliber, it is easy to appreciate the quality and care that goes in to every Rolex watch that is created. When you buy Rolex brand time-pieces you are assured of getting one of the most reliable and innovative watches on the planet. That is one of the reasons we sell Rolex. We know our clients will be satisfied with the product they receive.

Buy or Sell Rolex

At High Grade Watch Inc, we are honored to provide top quality Rolex watch buyers or sell your Rolex in Dallas and Rolex repair for our clients. We  buy Rolex watches and Having a master watchmaker onsite, we are known as the Dallas Rolex experts. Our services range from routine movement maintenance and cosmetic refinishing to complete watch rebuilds or full restorations. High Grade Watch Inc is even the outsourced service provider for many department store and retail watch locations throughout Dallas. Serving the industry for over 25 years now. We want to share the same quality and service with our customers.


Having provided quality Rolex repair services for 25 years, our list of customers in the Dallas area has grown quite large. If there is one thing they all have in common is that they trust us with their first Rolex purchase to guide them the right way.  We also buy Rolex watches and pay the top dollar and on the spot for your Rolex , . High Grade Watch Inc is happy to help our clients locate the perfect time piece to meet their changing styles. If you are ready to buy Rolex for the first time, or simply looking to expand your Rolex watch collection then you should contact High Grade Watch to sell your Rolex.


Protect Your Investment

You know the quality that went into making your Rolex time piece, so make sure you honor that craftsmanship by finding the right company to repair or service it when the time comes. Protect your investment and trust your Rolex watch repair service to the experts at High Grade Watch Inc. where we have a master watchmaker on site to care for your time piece.


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