On-Site Watch Adjustment

High Grade Watch, Inc. has a Master Watchmaker on-site that can perform a precision adjustment to enhance the performance of Rolex, Cartier, Omega, or other quality timepieces. While factory watch adjustments are usually very high quality, the watchmaker cannot account for your lifestyle, while our Master Watchmaker can adjust your watch to match your personal lifestyle. This allows for more precise and more accurate performance over time. Contact High Grade Watch,Inc. today to have your Rolex or other Swiss-made watch adjusted and tailored to fit your lifestyle, or to correct any inaccuracies that have accumulated over time.


Watchmaking has a language and a set of skills all of its own. People will offer services like watch adjustment or watch regulation and use words like accuracy and precision to describe them, but often the meaning is not entirely clear.

What is a Watch Adjustment?

To many people the term watch adjustment could mean having a band re-sized, or perhaps changing the time for daylight savings time. While it is true that these are adjustments that can be made, the real definition of a watch adjustment according to is:

the process of fine-tuning the balance wheel, hairspring, and regulator to stabilize the watch rate over time (in a single position) and to consistently produce similar rates in different positions. Complex and time-consuming, adjustment is usually done at the factory.

What this means is that an adjustment is the effort to make the timepiece run at the same speed while it is physically in different positions, such as dial up, crown down, and more. Among Watchmakers, a movement that is consistent across many positions is viewed as better than one that varies greatly from one position to another, even if both watches average the same gain or loss on a daily basis. This is because a watch might run fast while it is sitting dial up, and then run slow while it is crown down. At the end of the day the inaccuracies of an unadjusted watch may balance out, but they may not. For this reason, Master Watchmakers will painstakingly perform a Watch Adjustment to increase a watches precision across multiple positions, which will allow the timepiece to be regulated for accuracy.