High Grade Watch Services

• Watch cleaning
• Watch adjustments
• Cosmetic refinishing
• Battery replacement
• Basic Watch Inspection
• Factory spec re-sealing
• Buying Rolex watches
• All repairs done on site

High Grade Watch Inc. is proud to offer the best Rolex,Tag Heuer,Breitling,Omega watch repair , battery replacements, watch adjustments, and cosmetic refinishing to the entire Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. We provide same day service for your Tag Heuer, Cartier, Omega, and other fine Luxury Swiss watches while you wait, and can return your watch the same day.All work done in-house and by our Master Watchmaker on site.

Rolex Repair, and all Watchmaking is a highly specialized craft, requiring experience and the right equipment for the job. You should carefully choose who you trust to clean, service, and most importantly to repair your high end timepieces. You should make sure that your Rolex repair, or other luxury watch repair will include pressure testing the case to protect your investment from future damage.











Who is actually fixing your watch?

If you are the owner of a Rolex, Tag Heuer, or other trusted timepiece, do you really want to drop it off at a retail store, wait for days or even weeks while they ship it away for service, and risk having your watch damaged during shipping? Fine retail stores in Highland Park, University Park and other Dallas suburbs almost always send their watches away for service, and many of those stores already use our master watchmaker for repair. It is always better to go directly to the experts, instead of paying a middleman.

Jewelry set, ring, watch, earrings

This makes .the place to go when the time comes to to buy, sell or repair your Cartier, Rolex,Tag Heuer, Breitling, Omega, or Movado time piece. We are one of the only locations in DFW that can provide service for all Swiss made watches. Whether it is a simple battery replacement or the restoration of an antique Rolex, we are one of Dallas most trusted sources of Swiss watch repair, including Rolex repair services.

Case Study of a 1930s Rolex Repair

In 2011 we were brought a 1930’s Rolex that had severe wear and water damage. We conducted a free consultation with the time piece’s owner to review options with them and walk them through our approach to restoring their Rolex. Our work included a full off piece restoration of the watch’s face, refurbishing the band, and a complete rebuild of the Rolex movement, which is the heart of the watch. Keep in mind that you can’t just order parts for a 1930’s Rolex; we had to work with what we had.