Rolex GMT before and after









Why Bring Your Watch to High Grade Watch Inc?

You can trust your Rolex, Tag Heuer, or Omega Watch to High Grade Watches Inc because we keep a Master Watch-Maker on site, who performs all watch care, watch cleaning, and Cosmetic refinishing in house. We never ship your watch somewhere else, and you can meet the Watch-Maker who will be handling your time-piece. High Grade Watches Inc is a  luxury full service watch-shop, and we can perform any task, from a simple watch cleaning to a full water damage watch repair. Feel free to check out our services page, or look at some of the watches we have worked on here at High Grade Watches Inc. We are minutes from downtown Dallas, Plano, and the Highland Park/University Park area. Call us or stop by today and let High Grade Watches Inc restore your watch to it’s former glory. We will painstakingly refinish your Rolex watch to near factory condition. We are here to handle all of your watch care, watch cleaning, and cosmetic refinishing needs.



When people think about a Tag Heuer, Cartier, or Rolex watch, they always imagine the watch in perfect condition, looking like it is new out of the box. The reality is, no matter how carefully you handle your high quality time-piece, Swiss made or not, the only way to keep a Rolex in perfect condition is to leave it in the box. That new watch look may last for months, or even years, but eventually daily wear will degrade the cosmetic appearance of your time-piece.

Wear & Enjoy your Rolex or Tag Heuer

Instead of worrying about scratching your watch, remember that these time-pieces are of superior quality and are built to last a lifetime. With the proper watch care, you can keep your Rolex clean and new looking for years to come. This can be accomplished with regular watch cleaning, and when deep scratches have accumulated you can bring your watch in for a complete cosmetic refinishing. For a cosmetic watch refinishing, we will put back on the factory finish and fully detail the entire exterior of the watch, and if necessary we can refinish your Rolex dial as well. We will restore your watch, giving it that new watch look and feel that you remember, and help you maintain it for life.